Photos by Grade

We have attempted to put photos of a "typical" gun for the Grade. However, many Lefevers are unique and the features are anything but "typical". The features for each grade evolved over the years with the general trend that later guns are more elaborate. The approximate date of production is listed to help place the grade in its historical context. Please feel welcome to contribute photos by emailing to:

Photos contributed by Terry Buffum, Rich Brewster, Bob Decker.

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Nichols and Lefever A Grade 10 Gauge

D. M. Lefever B Grade Sidecocker  (1880-83)

D. M. Lefever C Grade Sidecocker

Double Rifle- Ungraded Early (1888) .50-110 Caliber

Optimus 12 gauge early model 118xx (1889)
This gun has gold inlays on the trigger guard and lever opener only.

Optimus 12 gauge late model 623xx (1909)

Earlier Optimus models had fewer or no gold inlays. This was the top of the line at the time of production

AA 10 gauge very early 93xx (1885)

Note thumb-pusher opener. This was the top grade at the time of production.

AA Grade 12 Gauge Mid-range 393xx (1901)

Note Gold inlays and barrel bands.

A Grade 12 gauge early 9210 (1884)

A grade 12 gauge mid-range 38xxx (1901)

B grade 16 gauge very early 93XX (1885)

Thumb-pusher opener

B grade 12 gauge mid-range model 249XX (1896)

C Grade 12 gauge Early model 109xx (1888)

C Grade 16 gauge late  model 490xx (1907)

D Grade 12 gauge Early model 177XX (1892)

E Grade 12 Gauge Early 18XXX (1894)

E Grade 12 gauge Mid-range 369xx (1901)

E Grade 12 gauge late model 731xx (1915)

F Grade 10 Gauge Early 10xxx (1887)
Note Pivot Opener

F Grade 12 gauge Mid-Range 147xx (1891)

G Grade 20 gauge mid-range 384xx (1901)
For years this was the lowest grade Lefever. The H Grade was introduced shortly before this gun. Later G grades are more elaborately engraved.

G Grade 12 Gauge Late 617xx (1909)

H Grade 12 Gauage Mid-range 367xx (1901)
Right at the introduction of the DS and I Grades before engraving was added.

H Grade 16 gauge late model 586xx (1906)

By this time the DS and I grades had been introduced so the H grade got a little more elaborate engraving

I Grade 12 gauge late model 410xx (1902)

Essentially the same as the DS Grade. No cocking indicators or Doll's Head rib extension.

DS (Durston Special) Grade 20 gauge 67XXX (1912)

Lowest Grade LAC gun produced after DM Lefever left the Co. These lack cocking indicators. Some were fitted with ejectors. Were popular because of the low price.

D. M. Lefever 12 Gauge Optimus

D.M. Lefever Co 12 gauge 4AA 196x (1905)

Post LAC Lefever Bowling Green, Ohio Gun

D. M. Lefever Co. 12 gauge 5B 188X (1905)

No city marked, thought to be Bowling Green, Ohio

D. M. Lefever Co. 12 gauge 6C 143X  (1902)

Syracuse produced - note disclaimer "Not Connected to Lefever Arms Co."

D. M. Lefever 20 Gauge 7D 114x (1902)

D. M. Lefever 12 Gauge 7D

D. M. Lefever 12 Guage 8E

D. M. Lefever Co. 12 gauge 9F  1566 (1903)

Thought to be from Defiance Ohio. Lowest grade at the time. Later an "O Excelsior Grade was added which was less ornate.

D. M Lefever O Excelsior 12 Gauge

This was the lowest grade double gun made by Lefever 

D. M. Lefever 12 Gauge Single Barrel Trap   16 (1905)

Made in last year of Lefever's production in Defiance, Ohio. Very few made