The Lefever Arms Collector's Association

The Lefever Arms Collector's Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation incorporated in North Carolina dedicated to the Study, Collection, and Preservation of Lefever Firearms. Membership is $35 per year and includes at least 6 high quality color newsletters per year (mid-year applications will be prorated for the remainder of the year).  There is an annual business meeting at the Antique Gunshow in Las Vegas in January of each year. Any LACA member is welcome to attend.

In addition to the January Las Vegas Antique Arms Show the LACA strives to make a pressence at the Spring Southern Side by Side in Stanford, NC and at the Northeast Side by Side in Friendsville, PA each year. Other venues may be attended based on opportunity.

Members who are hosting a table at a regional gun show can request a Gun Show Kit which will include a 17 X 11 poster, some LACA business cards, and several issues of past newletters for promotional purposes. Just E-mail the LACA at

Members can advertise any Lefever items for sale in the newsletter at no cost.

Members are encouraged to write about and submit photos of any subject of interest to Lefever collectors to be published in the newsletter.

The LACA does not manage or maintain the Lefever Forum on the web. We believe that the folks who are doing that are doing a fine job and we wish for them to be able to maintain their editorial independence. We fully support those efforts and do not seek to establish another forum via this website. The RP will answer LACA questions via the above email link, but questions about Lefever guns in general should be referred to the Lefever forum on the web.

The LACA does not maintain a serial number list. There was one published by the LACA and is included on the CD's of the archived newsletters originally put together by Roy Eckrose. However, that list is out of date and there may be some errors. There are LACA members who, through their own efforts, have maintained serial number lists. There has been a lot of discussion about these lists. It is the opinion of the LACA that publishing these lists may lead to more harm than good. Counterfeiting of high grade Lefevers is unfortunately out there. Publishing lists of known serial numbers allows them to use unaccounted for numbers to produce upgraded or faked guns. However, those who keep the lists are generally more than happy to share what they know about a specific gun. If there is a question, or there is a specific gun you would like researched as to authenticity, email the RP and we will do what we can to find an answer for you.